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Roof Evaluation

Not sure if your current flat roof needs replacing, or maybe you want to try to get another year out of it? Formella Construction’s Roof Specialists can help with that! With our thermal imaging capabilities, we can perform a complete evaluation of your roof system to pin point areas that need immediate attention or routine preventative maintenance. This information comes to you in the form of infrared images, photographs and core cuts all compiled in a technical report.

So, regardless if you have a leaky flat roof, metal roof or membrane roof, Formella Construction can find the best value Roof Solution to fit your budget.

Standing seam metal roof being installed over the top of old screw down roof.

Rejuvenate your outdated building to a Bold New Look with a steep slope metal roof.

Stop fighting that flat, leaky roof with a new low-slope, standing seam roof.

Low cost, “short term” roof systems will always cost more in the “long run.

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